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Welcome !

The ABC 123 Daycare Summer Camp 2018 experience is now enrolling!  Our Summer Day Camp program is an exciting chance for children ages 5 to 13 to have a fun-filled summer!  

About the abc 123 daycare

We accept HRA & ACS vouchers

as well as accept Union programs that pay childcare such as 1199, SEIU, DC 37, NYPD, NYFD

We are a licensed & permitted facility

By the New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, DOHMH

Our staff

Are all certified teachers with multiple years of experience working and teaching children in New York City.

What sets us apart


We are very different from the typical childcare service available  in our  community.  Starting with our commitment to serving children of all families. Our modern facilities, nutritious menus, and qualified staff members create a stimulating learning environment to foster your child’s development. Here’s why we are the best option for early education and child care.

Nurturing Environments


The elements of our environment include:

  • Safety: Secure entrances/exits, sign-in and sign-out journals, dedicated janitorial and maintenance techs
  • Classroom Layout: Education suites, educational age appropriate learning and play supplies, books, blocks, sand and art materials; appropriate teacher/student ratios
  • Purposeful Play: Indoor and/or outdoor gyms; creative and engaging activities
  • Family Partnerships: Collaborative, positive relationship between teachers, children and families; experienced academy leadership; family communication and feedback processes

Our Steps to Success curriculum is designed to promote kindergarten readiness in infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The key components of Steps to Success include:

  1. · State-of-the-art child development and learning program
  2. · Monthly learning modules
  3. · Weekly lesson plans
  4. · Family partnership to complement classroom activities
  5. · Child progress reports

Quality and Credentials - highest quality credentials


Our staff is professionally trained and qualified. We employ experienced academy management and teaching professionals; many with degrees in early childhood education. All employees are hired in compliance with state requirements and qualifications as a base minimum. We provide our staff with ongoing professional development opportunities to continually improve their skills and techniques to help children learn better.

Nutritious Menu (CACFP) COMPLIANT


Our menus meet the nutrition standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) to improve the diets of our children and develop activities to help them acquire healthy eating habits. Each day, depending on age, your child will receive:


  • High-quality infant formula
  • Baby food and cereal for infants
  • A nourishing lunch and/or dinner, and
  • A healthy morning snack

Community Involvement

The ABC 123 Daycare Scholarship Program


The ABC 123 Daycare Scholarship Program is available to all children who attends for more then a one years term. Your child must attend 165 days out of the year in order to qualify.

Every year the child attends our center we provide a $1,500.00 fund that is 

provided to them towards their college education (associates or bachelors qualify)

Video (English)

Video (Spanish)

All About Our Education Director

Sheila Zielinski

 I have obtained a Master’s degree in Art Education, an Associate’s degree in Performing Arts and Bachelor’s in Art History with a minor in Education. I have received certifications in both Childhood and Art Education and have taught Early Childhood Education for over nine years. I also have had the greatest experience being the head Director for two other Preschools where I oversaw Universal Preschool and the infant/toddlers. Between my time in teaching preschool and Directing schools I had the opportunity to teach art to grades k-12. Through my huge passion for Education and the Arts, I utilize all that I have learned through my schooling as well as all of my past experiences and implement them into my teachings in my classroom and my school.    

My Philosophy


My goal is to teach students that everyone can achieve anything as long as they put their mind and hearts into all their work. I want each student to understand that obstacles encountered are pathways of learning which help them to realize their own vision. My job is to push students to never give up on themselves. There will be both positive and negative reactions to their work in school and this may cause fear or lack of confidence in their artwork/school work. I want my students to know that their work does matter and each one of them is equally important to this world. I believe that art is something special and personal, it conveys who you are. I believe that my job is to find each special quality in my students and my staff and teach them how to understand their uniqueness. I want them to accept themselves as an individual and be proud of who they are.

Our Programs

Infants | 6 weeks to 12 months

A typical day for infants in our classroom includes time for play, story time, meals, sleep, tummy time as well as individual and group activities in the morning and afternoon. The day is full of quality interaction with teachers as your child develops social skills and learns to enjoy and trust their surroundings. Throughout the day we check to ensure diapers are changed as needed. 

Toddlers | 13 to 36 months

Your toddler is making great developmental strides, from first steps to potty training — and we’re here to help! We respond to your toddler’s growing energy and curiosity with fun learning activities and creative playtime while introducing structure, consistency, and an established routine.

Early Preschool | 2 to 3 years

 Anyone who has a 2- or 3-year-old at home knows they are a bundle of energy and curiosity; always looking for something new to discover. Learn how we support your child’s important transition from toddler-hood to preschooler in this program.  

Preschool | 3 to 4 years

The foundation for learning success is built is these early years, so our program is focused on providing your child with a solid grounding in the skills needed for kindergarten, including critical thinking, problem solving, socialization, relationship building, language and movement.  

Before / After School | 5 to 6 years

 Our program provides a supervised, organized and fun environment with homework support for your child after the school day ends. We also offer full-day options during school breaks, teacher workdays, most holidays and summer!  

Summer Camp

 Summer means fun, friends, and field trips! And our summer camp has it all. Every week is a new adventure in our camp. Full- and part-day options available with field trips, unique events, special guests and much more. 

program fees

Scholarship are available upon board approval

2018 School Year Calendar

Note: Active school year dates are subject to closing on severe weather days. Watch local news for weather authority updates 

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